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Electic air pump

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Hydraulic air pump

Powered by compressed air. The perfect solution for low and medium intensity work in repair workshops or even in a small production environment, wherever compressed air is available with a working pressure of 4-10 bar. The pump can deliver up to 700bar of air pressure. It has a built-in filter that protects and silences the operation of the hydraulic system.

Technical specification

Inlet pressure 100-120Psi (7-9.4bar)
Maximum oil output pressure 10000Psi (700bar)
Air entrance 1/4’’ gwint
Oil output 3/8’’ gwint
Maximum output flow without load 810ml/min
Maximum output flow under load 180ml/min
Net weight 6,3Kg
Maximum output flow 1,6L
Noise level 65dB(A)/1m